How To Strengthen Your Divorce Case

Navigating through a divorce is an emotionally and financially challenging experience—especially when children are involved. Whether you are striving for primary custody or simply wanting to retain collective property as yours, our simple, three-step guide will point the way to building a strong case that grants you what you’re asking for.

Step One: Be Sure To Document Everything

Even if everyone you know is ‘on your side’ with the divorce, it’s quite another thing to ensure the law will be on your side. For example, if you’ve filed divorce from your spouse who has had a chemical dependency issues for years and you’re asking to be compensated with alimony and child support payments, you’ll need to provide a history of this behavior.

Has your spouse threatened the safety of you or your children? Has their dependency prevented them from achieving steady work and paychecks to support your family? Documentation is so important because it’s a factual paper trail to proving your point, and providing evidence for the legal and financial damages you’re asking for.   

Document your spouse’s history with dates, detailed facts and outcome. This can include any proof of their history, such as: verbal abuse, physical abuse, difficulty holding onto a job, or in any other way, difficulty providing for your children.

Step Two: Take The (Digital) High Road

As with any case (especially one in which you’re seeking custody of your children), taking the high road is essential. Remove any social media posts which reflect negatively on you. Every time you post something (a picture, an update, etc.) ask yourself: “Would I be ok with this being brought up in my hearing?”

If it’s not (or even if it’s questionable), don’t post it. If you’re seeking primary custody, represent yourself as a responsible, loving parent. If you’re without children, use your online presence to reflect the kind of person you are—honest and well-meaning.  

Step Three: Cooperate During Your Divorce Mediation

In the state of Texas, married couples seeking divorce will first attempt to come to terms through meditation before going to court. This is for the benefit of everyone: less time and energy spent, requires less money spent for both parties.

The attorneys at Foster Law Firm will work diligently (with over four decades of divorce attorney experience) to clarify confusing topics, protect your assets and most of all, advocate for your best interest.

Increase your opportunity to have a successful meditation session by keeping your emotions ‘in check’. Communicate positive body language by nodding in agreement with the options and issues discussed by your divorce attorney and your spouse’s attorney. Remain composed (you can express any frustration later, when it won’t be used against you!)

Lastly, remember: your divorce attorney is there as your advocate and legal professional. Their job is to do everything in their power to make sure you get what you deserve. Together, you can become a very powerful team throughout the legal process.  

Finding the Right Sugar Land Divorce Attorney For Your Case

Navigating the legal waters of divorce can be overwhelming, and complicated. Without the right divorce lawyer by your side (as both a legal counsel and advocate), you may find yourself facing an uphill battle. Foster Law Firm can help you strengthen your case and act not only as your legal representative, but your advocate as well.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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