Fort Bend County Attorneys

Since 1966 The Foster Law Firm has represented clients throughout Fort Bend County seeking an experienced attorney for a range of legal concerns. Offering services ranging from Family Law and Criminal Defense to Juvenile Law, Wills and Probate, and Personal Injury Law, started by Logene Foster and now taken over by his sons Lynn Foster and Lonnie Foster, is joined by his sons Lynn and Lonnie in providing personalized attention and diligent efforts.

We understand that each area of law requires the utmost care, and our decades of experience as Sugar Land family lawyers and Fort Bend County criminal defense attorneys have provided a wealth of insight into each field.

Experienced Sugar Land Lawyers

While offering family law guidance as child custody attorneys and divorce lawyers, we work closely with every client to navigate this difficult time. In addition, we are skilled in aggressively pursuing favorable outcomes for criminal defense cases and a variety of other concerns. Every client is important to us, and we work tirelessly to find positive solutions to a range of unique circumstances.

Having an attorney who is truly committed to your situation can make all the difference in critically important matters. Every court visit can have a huge impact on you or your family’s future, and we ensure that every detail of your situation has been correctly reviewed and addressed.

When you’re in need of legal counsel in Fort Bend County, turn to the experienced attorneys of Foster Law Firm.