Personal injury law is the area of the law which provides compensation to victims or survivors for death, harm or damage to a person. The damage or harm may be physical, emotional, or both. Our system of law provides that a person who suffers harm or injury may be entitled to compensation in the form of monetary compensation. The right to recover damages in a personal injury case is based on the long-standing legal principle that an innocent victim of another’s misconduct should not have to bear the burden of the loss.

The most popular types of personal injury lawsuits are a result of injury or wrongful death arising from all types of situations including automobile collisions with other automobiles, bikes, or pedestrians, trucking accidents, construction accidents, and many others.


If you’ve suffered personal injury on your own time or on a job, and it wasn’t your fault, consult with a legal attorney to get all of the information you can about your incident—you may be entitled to money. It is imperative you seek counsel with a professional in order to know your rights and exactly what you can and can’t do as a result of your personal injury.


If you or a loved one has suffered from personal injury and you feel you should be compensated for your losses, contact Foster Law Firm today and we’ll help you get the legal help you deserve.