In regards to Family Law, Child Support is the on-going periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child following the end of a marriage or other relationship. Child support is paid by an obligor in order to help with the support and care of children of a relationship that has ended, or has never existed. The obligee is typically the parent that has the right to establish the primary residence of the child, but may also be a guardian, a caregiver, or the state.


If you are the obligor in a child support situation, then you are the one who pays the child support to the obligee. Child support in Texas is set by statute in the form of guideline child support. The court can deviate from guideline support based on a number of factors. This amount is not affected typically by the amount of money the Obligee makes or the amount of expenses the Obligor has outside of medical and taxes. There are also different factors that come into play; such as if the child has special needs—as in the care and treatment of serious illness or disability. The number of children also affects the amount of support to be paid.


If you are the obligee in a child support situation, then you are the one to whom the money for child support is paid. You are the one that is responsible for the child’s needs. The child support is to help repay for those things you have paid for such as food, clothing, school supplies and shelter. The Obligor has no obligation to help with the day to day expenses of the child except when the child is in their possession. School lunches, fees etc are the obligation of the Obligee to pay. As the Obligee you are responsible for the child 24/7 and the obligor has the right to have possession at certain times but is not required to take the children.


Child support payments are typically paid to the child support office in San Antonio, Texas. In Texas most child support payments are paid through a state disbursement unit in San Antonio Texas. The payment is either paid directly by the Obligor and sent to San Antonio or a wage withholding order is sent to the Obligor’s employer and the employer takes the money out and sends to San Antonio. The state disbursement unit then pays the Obligee usually by direct deposit to the bank account or a debit card.


Every single child support situation is different. The information provided on this page is for general use only. To ensure that you know all you need to know and get the information pertaining to your exact situation, request an appointment today and discuss your specific child support situation with one of our expert lawyers.