Family Law Attorney, Sugar Land

When your family needs legal counsel regarding domestic situations, you need an attorney with experience in the various areas of family law. At The Foster Law Firm, we’ve helped families facing tough decisions and complex situations for nearly 50 years. Attorney Logene Foster is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a distinction given to less than 10% of lawyers. We can thoroughly review the unique details of your case and provide answers to all of your questions, as well as meaningful counsel to reduce the burden that your family is facing during this time.


Although no couple wants to face a divorce, the situation is sometimes necessary. If the need for a separation arises, there are many aspects of a divorce that must be discussed and resolved. A division of assets can quickly become complicated, and having a skilled divorce lawyer on your side can greatly reduce the stress of the situation. Read more about the services of a Fort Bend County divorce attorney.

Child Custody

When making decisions regarding the future of your child, you want to ensure that every aspect is reviewed thoroughly and your rights as a parents are protected. The attorneys of The Foster Law Firm have successfully handled hundreds of child custody cases, and we know how to focus on what’s important for your family while proceeding with a respect for your family’s stress during this challenging situation. Read more about how a Sugar Land child custody lawyer can help your family.

Child Support

Even the smallest nuance of a child support arrangement can have a big impact, and the situation calls for experienced legal counsel to ensure that every detail is examined and understood by both parties. With nearly 50 years of experience in family law matters, The Foster Law Firm can confidently guide you through a number of processes related to child support issues. Read more about what a skilled Sugar Land child support attorney can do to reduce your stress.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Also referred to as a prenup or premarital agreement, these contracts clearly define the assets, debts, and other financial qualities of each individual prior to the union of marriage. These can have many uses, from declaring what any children will receive in the event of a spouse’s death to defining what assets are own by each party if large amounts of property are in question. This can quickly become complex, and every detail matters, so having an experienced prenuptial attorney to guide you through the paperwork and arrange the nuances of your agreement can make everything much easier.

Seeking a Fort Bend County Family Law Attorney

If your family is facing a difficult situation, ranging from a divorce to a child custody dispute, we have the experience to guide you to a resolution with minimal stress on your family. Contact us today at (281) 494-3156 or via our online request form to schedule your free consultation with the attorneys of The Foster Law Firm.