When a minor faces a criminal charge, their entire future may be at stake. In addition to the possibility of being locked up or fines, their professional or educational future could be tarnished by a mark on their record.

With over 40 years of experience in defending juveniles from a wide range of accused offenses, Foster Law Firm is ready to take on your case. We work alongside each client, reviewing every detail and facet of the situation and examining each option to determine the best course of action. Open communication is key to a minimally stressful process, and we keep our clients and their family informed through every step of the process ahead.

Unique Aspects of Juvenile Law

There are many elements that set juvenile law apart from other areas. Juvenile arrests and charges contain elements of both civil and criminal law. In Texas, the idea behind juvenile court is to rehabilitate offenders and prevent future mishaps. However, some charges can follow juveniles into adulthood and may impact their entire adult life.

When a juvenile faces a charge, they are not released on bail or band. Instead, they are usually released to their parents’ custody or detained. Deciding which of these will occur is based in part on the skill of your attorney.

Common Juvenile Criminal Charges

While a juvenile can face a form of charges for nearly every type of alleged crime, some occur more commonly, such as:

Many factors can affect the actual penalties faced for juvenile offenses, much like other charges. These include the severity of the crime, the behavior and penitence of the juvenile, past offenses, and any extenuating factors. Some juveniles can even be tried as adult in some situations. Determining the setting in which your child will be facing charges is critically important. One of our key factors in serving as juvenile attorneys in Fort Bend County is to fight on behalf of juveniles for the optimal situation.

Seeking a Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Sugar Land

No matter your child’s age or alleged offense, the attorneys of Foster Law Firm are ready to step up and fight on your behalf. We have formed important and trusted relationships with many officials throughout the justice system, and we have the resources to navigate Juvenile charges efficiently. Contact Foster Law today to schedule your initial consultation and discuss your situation with an experienced juvenile law attorney.